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'Do I detect some mansplaining?' NBC/MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman seems to have a problem with 'uppity woman' Amy Coney Barrett

At today’s SCOTUS confirmation proceedings, Amy Coney Barrett informed Democratic Sen. Chris Coons in no uncertain terms that she is not, in fact, Antonin Scalia and that she does, in fact, have her own mind.


Here it is again, because it’s just that good:

But NBC News/MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman isn’t impressed. In fact, he actually seems pretty repulsed:

Another liberal mansplainer masquerading as a serious person.

We’re more than a little bit shocked that Howard didn’t follow that tweet up with one demanding that Amy Coney Barrett make him a sandwich.


(Howard wouldn’t dream of asking Ruth Bader Ginsburg to make him a sandwich.)

Oh, without a doubt. But Amy Coney Barrett is no Kamala Harris — and we’re immensely grateful for that.

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