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'Lawyer up'! Denver news station that hired shady 'security guard' who killed Trump supporter at protest could be in a world of trouble

A few weeks ago, a journalist at Denver’s 9News told his Twitter followers that, contrary to “talk radio fear-mongering,” Denver’s actually a pretty great place to hang out because there definitely aren’t any violent riots there or anything.


Well, in case you — or Kyle Clark — missed it, over the weekend, 30-year-old Matthew Doloff shot and killed a Trump supporter at a protest in Denver:

Dolloff was arrested moments after a single gunshot rang out on the plaza between the Denver Art Museum and the city’s main library. He was on Sunday being held without bail on suspicion of first-degree murder following the shooting that left one man dead.

But it’s OK, because Doloff was a security guard, so he was just doing his job.

Except not really:

More from 9News:

Matthew Dolloff, 30, was contracted through the company Pinkerton by 9NEWS. It has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to contract private security to accompany staff at protests.


Pinkerton, however, said it does not actually employ Dolloff – Pinkerton did not share the name of the company for which Dolloff worked. 

According to Eric Escudero, marketing and communications manager for the city’s Department of Excise and Licenses, “there is no record” that Dolloff had a license required by the city to work as a security guard – and no evidence he’d had one in the past.

Oh dear.

This seems problematic, no?

This does seem like a big deal, no?


One would think, yes.


They should definitely face consequences.

Here’s what Brian Stelter tweeted yesterday:


How much attention has Brian Stelter given the fact that 9News hired a guy to do security who wasn’t licensed to do security? After one of their journalists mocked people for being concerned about violence in Denver?

One would think … but alas.

If only.

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