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Jeffrey Toobin and the NYT's evidence of Donald Trump's sexism toward Kamala Harris (and women in general) hits multiple awkward snags

Donald Trump had some choice words for Joe Biden’s presidential vice presidential pick Kamala Harris, including an old favorite, “nasty.”

And CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin would just like to point out that there’s a glaring double standard at play:


First of all:

We’re old enough, too.

We’re also old enough to remember when Trump called men “nasty”:

19 and counting, no doubt.

Hey, Jeffrey:


It’s almost as if Donald Trump is an equal-opportunity offender when it comes to throwing around “nasty.”

Naturally, it’s not just Toobin who thinks “nasty” is reserved for women. So does the New York Times (emphasis ours):

Ms. Harris ran her own presidential campaign and was widely seen as the most obvious choice for Mr. Biden: at once a conventional and groundbreaking choice. But when he finally announced her selection on Tuesday, Mr. Trump and his allies appeared to be caught without a coordinated game plan, lurching from one attack to another.

After Ms. Harris was chosen, Mr. Trump described her four times as “nasty” or “nastier,” using some of his favorite terms for female opponents, and complained that she had not been nice to his Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh during confirmation hearings.


We know the media have a selective memory problem, but it’s just getting ridiculous now.

And how about these?



You mean, journalism? Psh!

Good point.

As is this one:


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