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'Ask AOC to show her work'! AOC peddles 'an absolute lie' in order to shame GOP Sen. Susan Collins for calling out Senate Dems

In case you missed it, Democratic gamesmanship managed do something we thought was impossible: get a rise out of Susan Collins:


But AOC, for what it’s worth, thinks Collins should shove it. Because Collins is responsible in part for the COVID19 crisis:

Are you sure you know what you’re talking about, AOC?


From the Daily Beast article that AOC links to:

In response to criticism now about Collins’ 2009 vote, her communications director, Annie Clark, pushed back on Twitter, arguing that the pandemic funding did not belong in the stimulus bill since it was not emergency economic assistance. The money was redirected to community health centers, and funds for flu preparedness later passed as part of the regular appropriations process in a June omnibus spending bill that Collins voted for. She had flexed her muscle on that bill as well, initially voting against it in a cloture vote because it failed to spend funds “carefully and effectively.”


Oh well. Maybe this will persuade you that AOC’s right about Collins:

Tax cuts and Brett Kavanaugh have exactly nothing to do with the COVID19 epidemic. But AOC gonna AOC.

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