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Where are all the firefighters to pounce on Bernie Sanders' 'chilling attack on our First Amendment'?

Bernie Sanders delivered an update on his campaign from his Burlington, Vermont, headquarters this afternoon. He didn’t have much to say that he hasn’t already said before. Lots of the usual tiresome insanity.

But he did get in a shot at “the corporate media”:

Yikes, Bernie. That’s pretty hostile rhetoric.

Where are all the firefighters? Shouldn’t they be all over this?

Don’t be a slacker, Brian. After all, Bernie Sanders is channeling Donald Trump now. Surely that’s at least worth a mention in your media roundup, right?

Maybe Bernie saw how well it’s worked out for Trump and decided to give it a whirl. Too bad he’s late to the party:



Guess Bernie’s little anti-media outburst doesn’t merit the same sort of response that Trump’s do:


So curious.


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