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'They won't answer this': @redsteeze et al. shine blinding spotlight on media's mental acrobatics on behalf of fake Native American Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is having a tough time shaking that whole falsely-claiming-Native-American-heritage-and-using-it-to-further-her-career-while-taking-opportunities-from-actual-Native-Americans thing, but hey, at least she’s got the media on her side.


“Racist attacks.” Is that what criticism of her shameless lies was?

Apparently it’s not racist to claim someone else’s culture and heritage as your own, but it’s totally racist to get called out on it. What a time to be alive.

Sorry … how, exactly, is that “fueling racism against Native Americans”?


Hey, Jennifer … think you could direct some of that righteous indignation at Elizabeth Warren? You know, the person who’s actually guilty of racism?


Media firefighters apparently have their marching orders.

Yeah, Warren doesn’t really get into any detail about her “mistakes”:


Alleged reporters like Jennifer Bendery seem decidedly incurious about Elizabeth Warren’s offenses.

Whichever helps Elizabeth Warren. That’s all any of this was ever about.


Stop. It’s not fair to put Jennifer in this position. She’s clearly not equipped to deal with being asked to explain herself. Guess she has that in common with Elizabeth Warren.


And you’re not going to get one.



There’s still plenty more media malpractice where all that came from:



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