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'Just complete, utter dishonesty': Joe Biden hopes to get elected on the merits of this brazen, bald-faced lie [video]

How can we trust President Joe Biden to not fall asleep at the wheel when he was apparently asleep for eight years?


Of course Joy Behar swallowed it whole. Fortunately, not everyone else is as sycophantic and dumb as she is.

The voices are positively deafening:

You don’t even need to read an article to know that Joe Biden is completely full of it.


It should be incredible … but it’s not. Because this is Joe Biden we’re dealing with, and he’s actually quite comfortable rewriting history by lying through his teeth.

Oh, he’s running on it. Right over the cliff.

Joe Biden 2020: Not even a smidgen of honesty.



Via @ComfortablySmug, more on the amnesia when it comes to Obama administration scandals:

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