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'SO ANGRY'! Drag queen Blair St. Clair can't handle sharing a flight with Donald Trump Jr.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” alumnus (or is it alumna?) Blair St. Clair was just minding his/her own business when the unthinkable happened: Donald Trump Jr. had the nerve to be on the same flight.


Well, there weren’t enough pearls in the world for poor Blair to clutch:

SO ANGRY, you guys. Blair’s followers couldn’t believe his/her bad luck:

It must have been the most difficult time Blair has ever faced.

That’s lovely.

Actually, deep breathing is probably good advice. Clearly Blair’s got anger management problems if the mere presence of Donald Trump Jr. is enough to send him/her into fist-clenching rage.


Hey now. That’s just crazy talk.

Probably a good idea. Something tells us Blair has got quite a few issues.

But if that doesn’t help:

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