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Poor BABY! Trump tells truth about universal health care — and Piers Morgan CAN'T deal

If there’s one thing most Americans love, it’s the perennially insufferable Piers Morgan telling us how backward our country is. Usually, it’s about guns, but today, he branched out and condemned our health care system.


Despite his past professed support for universal health care, this morning, Donald Trump called out Democrats (like those in California) pushing for an NHS-style system of socialized medicine in the U.S.:

Musket took great offense to that:

Last time we checked, the U.S. health care system wasn’t canceling 50,000 surgeries, running out of ambulances, and leaving prospective patients spilling into hallways. Basically the V.A. system on a much larger scale. No thanks.


Our system is certainly not perfect, either, but at least patients here have a fighting chance.

And speaking of living here, why does Piers spend any time in this country? What with all the guns shooting people and the terrible health care and all?

We’d be glad to help him pack.

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