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'Horrible!' Check out what Women's March organizer Linda Sarsour said about Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Muslim “racial justice & civil rights activist” Linda Sarsour’s enjoying some extra celebrity lately thanks to her role in organizing the Women’s March. And with good reason. After all, her feminist credentials are exemplary. Just look at this 2013 tweet about women’s rights activists Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali:



Hang on a sec … that’s not actually very feminist at all, is it? Apparently Gabriel and Ali’s outspokenness against Islamic radicalism negates their womanhood. Or it would if Sarsour had her way.


On its face, Sarsour’s tweet is despicable enough. But in light of the brutality Ali has suffered, it becomes even more heartless and barbaric.



Note to Sally Kohn and to any other so-called “feminist” or “women’s rights activist” proudly pimping the #IMarchWithLinda hashtag: If you march with Linda, you march with everything you purport to stand against.



Sarsour is no feminist. She’s no heroine. She’s nothing but hypocritical, vicious, hateful scum.






‘Women’s rights leader’ Linda Sarsour excuses oppression because HEY, FREE STUFF!

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