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'Stop smearing his father': Fed-up Jake Tapper tells Roger Stone to quit pushing Cruz-Oswald conspiracy theory


Earlier this week, Jake Tapper took a hatchet to Team Trump’s absurd indulgence of a conspiracy theory alleging that Ted Cruz’s father Rafael met with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before JFK was assassinated. And despite Trump’s apparent sudden change of heart on the subject yesterday (see Update below):


His surrogate Roger Stone is still pushing the Cruz-Oswald connection narrative as hard as ever:


And Tapper’s as fed up with it as ever:

Seriously. With all due respect, Roger — and none whatsoever is due to you — give it a rest, already.



They don’t come any classier than that, folks.




Maybe Stone had some words with Trump since yesterday, because Donald seems to have flip-flopped yet again:





‘Ridiculous and, frankly, shameful’: Jake Tapper nukes Trump’s Cruz-Oswald conspiracy peddling

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