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Mother Jones' Clara Jeffery smears actor Adam Baldwin; Baldwin fights back; Updated

Reading is hard. Especially when you’re a liberal who’s hell-bent on smearing an articulate, unapologetic conservative. When Clara Jeffery saw this headline:


Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 2.57.45 PM

She tweeted out to her followers that Adam Baldwin is a tax delinquent. Never mind that Adam and Stephen are not, in fact, the same person, much less related. She had garbage to spew and, darn it, she wasn’t about to let facts get in the way! Or let them stop her from calling him a “psuedo-celebrity [sic] sexist gun troll”:


Really, Clara?


No dice. She eventually deleted her tweet, but she didn’t apologize for her lies — or her idiocy. In fact, she doubled down on the sliminess:

Pathetic. Then again, what else could you expect from a lefty journo-tool like Jeffery?


No kidding. Baldwin rightfully gave Jeffery the business:







What a nasty piece of work.



Ace points out Jeffery’s — and the Left’s — stunning hypocrisy when it comes to journalistic integrity:

Evidently, intellectual honesty just isn’t all that important to Jeffery.




Jeffery has tweeted another faux-pology:

She feels she’s earned the right to be outraged because of this:

Thing is, Baldwin never called her that.



A bit of background on that meme here.

Oh well. Jeffery’s got no time for the pesky truth.

Leftist tools like Jeffery live for it.



Dunce Amanda Marcotte: Actor Adam Baldwin a “crazed gun nut, sexist pig” for supporting armed women

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