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Harry Reid calls on GOP to 'get serious' as Dems crack lousy jokes

At a press conference this afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reiterated that Democrats would stand firm against John Boehner’s “Plan B” proposal for the fiscal cliff — and evidently any other proposal put forth by Republicans.


Reid once again called for the GOP to “get serious” about solving the fiscal cliff crisis:

And then went on to demonstrate just how serious he is about Republicans being serious:

Yuk yuk yuk!

Not to be outdone, Dick Durbin chimed in:


And took the opportunity to show off his mad pop culture skillz:

Well, Harry Reid took a bunch of senators to see “Lincoln” yesterday, so maybe we’ll get a John Wilkes Booth reference at the next presser!

Lest anyone worry that the D.C. laugh factory is a boys’ club, Washington’s Patty Murray showed that women can be funny, too:

It’s like watching the Three Stooges. Weight jokes, movie references, dead babies … looks like we’ve hit the trifecta!


So, after all that, what’s the take-away?

Good thing the Democrats are so willing to flout GOP obstructionism, right?

Hope you’re not in a rush.

Hey, it’s just like in that movie!



Harry Reid blocks vote on Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal, calls it ‘made up’

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