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Marika Shaub,’s Director of Social Media Initiatives is, like, so proud of President Obama. You see, he really cares about the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Just look at this photo:


He looks all serious and everything! Takes a special caliber of leader to do that kind of intense “monitoring.” We all know that when it’s photo-op time, President Obama is really buckling down. Because he cares! George W. Bush would never reach out to people that way.

New? Are you kidding? Blaming Bush never goes outta style! And Barack Obama knows what’s important.

It doesn’t? B-b-but, if that’s true, then that means Obama’s not really much of a leader. That can’t be right! Think of all the things he’s promised to lead on.


Oh. Well, that doesn’t count. Because, inconvenient.

Meanwhile, that heartless President Bush has never shown any concern for people in need:

Marika is right: we wouldn’t have seen a photo of Bush like the one of Obama. Because Bush wasn’t content to sit on the sidelines and watch disaster unfold. It takes much more than a photo to demonstrate true leadership. After nearly four years in office, President Obama still hasn’t learned that lesson. America seeks leadership; come November, we’ll get it.

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