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Barack Obama still hasn't learned, trots out #WHChat; Update: White House pulls wool over Twitter's eyes

President Obama is prepared to answer questions on a wide range of issues:


But only softball questions need apply; he’s not prepared for conservatives’ responses. He’s never prepared. As Ethan Klapper, new media reporter at HuffPo points out, Obama’s team at least tried to be a little sneaky this time:

Yeah. Like that’d actually work. Do a search on Twitter for #WHChat, and you’ll find that the tag’s been thoroughly hijacked by conservatives … as usual.


Courtesy of @Slublog






Keep ’em comin’, guys!


Well, well, well … seems the White House might’ve been somewhat successful in its sneakiness after all:

Stephen Gutowski explains how it went down:


So basically, Obama and his minions are so afraid of conservatives’ domination of Twitter, they’re willing to mislead their followers into thinking that they actually engage with the president. Barack Obama: man of the people (but not really).


Nice of him to ask people for questions now that he’s finished answering the hours-old ones his people picked for him. Maybe he’ll get around to this evenings questions sometime next week.

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