As we told you earlier, Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary Josselyn Berry came under fire — and deservedly so — for an absolutely repugnant tweet that could most charitably be described as a threat of violence against “transphobes.”

Even Keith Olbermann thought it was way over the line, which is really saying something:

Well, there may not have been any nonstop coverage of Berry’s tweet over at CNN or MSNBC, no breathless reporting by the New York Times or Washington Post, but at least someone in Katie Hobbs’ office apparently took issue with what Berry did, because Berry has reportedly resigned:

Resigning is the next best thing to never having tweeted it in the first place. Although we can appreciate that because Berry tweeted what she did, we are now aware of what kind of person she is, and hopefully Hobbs will be a little more discerning when she chooses a replacement.

We anxiously await the full statement from Hobbs’ office. In the meantime, the goodest of riddances to Josselyn Berry. With any luck, she’ll have plenty of trouble finding work going forward.

Maybe on Earth 2, the MSM are explaining why it was the right decision.


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