In case you missed it, Los Angeles teachers fought for the children this week by walking off the job and going on strike.

More from Alex Caputo-Pearl:

On March 21, the 25,000 custodians, cafeteria workers, campus aides, bus drivers, teaching assistants, special education aides, building and grounds workers who are members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 99, walked off the job in a three-day unfair labor practices strike against their employer, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The decision by 35,000 mostly teacher colleagues—myself among them, members of United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)—to refuse to cross SEIU’s picket line led a total of 60,000 workers across two unions to go on strike together, hitting the streets united, and creating one of the largest labor actions Los Angeles has ever seen. In a deepening of the last 13 years of national upsurge among education workers—often called “Red for Ed”—the SEIU members’ strike added a distinctly purple (the SEIU’s traditional color) hue.

The current strike builds on a decade of increased organizing and militance in public education in Los Angeles. Gabriela Dueñas, a Local 99 member and instructional aide at Ford Boulevard Elementary in East LA, said, “The 2019 LA teachers strike was a huge inspiration to me in going on strike now. I thought of the huge impact that strike had on our schools and our community. It allowed us to see the power we hold.”

As a longtime teacher in South LA schools, I helped lead a slate of forward-thinking, community-connected, racial justice–centered educators to an internal union election victory of a progressive rank-and-file caucus in 2014. Since then, UTLA has transformed itself—building an organizing union based on high member participation, structured democratic dialogues, and citywide structure tests; overwhelmingly passing a dues increase to fund member and community organizing; founding a vibrant labor/youth/parent/community coalition; institutionalizing a racial justice/community demands approach to bargaining—and winning a massive strike in 2019.

Wow, congratulations! L.A. parents shouldn’t be upset that you’re flexing your muscles at the expense of their children. They should be proud of you for fighting for dignity and respect!

Oh, hey. Speaking of dignity and respect …

Oh, is that what they’re doing?

Wait, there’s a test?

That’s actually a really important point:

Maybe they should’ve spent a little time studying basic grammar and a little less time working on their crappy dance routine.


Yeah, you know, the more we think about it, the more we think the kids are actually way better off without these so-called “teachers.”

Yes, well, that ship has clearly sailed.

Sounds like a plan.


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