Late last year, we learned that the loving Biden family apparently has no love for Hunter Biden’s out-of-wedlock daughter with Lunden Alexis Roberts. Because maybe they’re not such a loving family after all. We couldn’t help but feel bad for the little girl at first, but knowing the Bidens also didn’t care that her mother had allegedly been threatened with domestic violence by Hunter made it a little easier for us to be OK with Hunter’s daughter being away from her grandparents.

This email from Hunter to his ex-wife Kathleen — who filed for divorce in 2016 after discovering her husband’s affair with his brother Beau’s widow — is actually pretty compelling evidence that the farther removed from Hunter Biden and his family you are, the better off you are:

Totally normal response to a request for a copy of title insurance.

Maybe he was just trying to be colorful. Keep it interesting, you know? You appreciate know?

He’s a real piece of something. And we don’t doubt that he’s the smartest guy Joe Biden knows.

Wonder if Kathleen ever got a coherent response to her inquiry …



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