Democratic socialist Rep. Cori Bush is out of her mind. Seriously, she’s straight-up insane. But given who she chooses to surround herself with, is it any wonder?

Washington Free Beacon investigative reporter Andrew Kerr decided to take a closer look at Bush’s dear friend — and highest-paid private security guard (Cori Bush is allowed to have private security, you see, while she wants to defund the police and leave regular citizens who can’t afford private security more vulnerable) — Nathaniel Davis III. And, well, let’s just say it explains a whole lot about Cori Bush:

And how!

Well, to be fair, it’s important to be self-sufficient.

More from The Washington Free Beacon:

Davis has earned over $137,000 providing “security services” for Bush since 2020, according to FEC filings, the latest of which showed disbursements of $5,000 in Dec. 2022. Using dozens of social media posts, including photos and videos that show Davis with Bush, the Washington Free Beacon has confirmed that Davis is in fact a St. Louis, Missouri, spiritual guru known as Aha Sen Piankhy who teaches classes on how to read minds, summon mythical beings, and maintain urban gardens—to avoid having to buy food from the Jews.

Davis, a former member of the vehemently anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party, is a natural fit for Bush, who has a history of associating with anti-Semites. She spent years working with anti-Israel activist Neveen Ayesh, who has said she wants to burn Jews alive. A vocal supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, Bush is a close ally of her fellow Squad member, anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.).

It is unclear when or how Bush and Davis met. But the congresswoman’s personal Facebook page shows that she is friends with “Aha Davis Zadok El,” one of Davis’s Facebook accounts. There, he claims to be a member of the “Priesthood of the Sun Moon Sect.” Davis’s various FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts are riddled with references to the “Priesthood of the Sun Moon Sect.”

Hot stuff!

How much are we talking, here? Like is this a you-owe-me-your-firstborn-child kind of thing, or do you just have to write him a check?

If you’ve got four minutes to spare, you should really take a look at this:

Wow! Is there anything that man can’t do?

Oh OK. Thanks for the clarification. So she and Davis are just good friends, then. Phew! We were starting to get worried there for a minute.

There’s really no need to make it up.


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