David Gilbert is a senior reporter for VICE News who specializes in covering disinformation, conspiracies, and election hucksters.” And what’s more disinformation-y and conspiracy-y than @LibsofTikTok, the wildly popular Twitter account specializing in exposing dangerous radical trans activism, particularly the sort that actively harms kids? You know, stuff like this:

Chaya Raichik, the woman behind @LibsofTikTok, is speaking at this year’s CPAC on a panel, and Gilbert is very concerned. He was on the fence about CPAC before, but once they brought in Raichik, that was it. Time to write a story!

Oh no! The girl on the LGBTQ+ news beat for effing Media Matters thinks Raichik is making the world a meaner and more dangerous place!

Oh no! A leftist academic with an anti-conservative axe to grind thinks Raichik is giving ammo to politicians who don’t think doctors should be able to chemically and physically and psychologically transition kids!

Oh no! The “online safety expert” with a history of fabulism and supporting doxxing ideological opponents is upset about Raichik — who was not “unmasked,” as Gilbert euphemistically puts it, but rather doxxed by Taylor Lorenz — capitalizing on exposing groomers and sexual predators.

More from Gilbert:

“Raichik is at the front line of this right-wing offense, leading the charge against trans people,” [Joan Donovan, misinformation expert and author of the book “Meme Wars,” a about how online extremism has undermined U.S. democracy] said. “This is the same playbook that Breitbart and [Steve] Bannon have run for years against anti-fascist activists and Black Lives Matter [Twitchy editor’s note: Antifa are not “anti-fascist activists,” and the Black Lives Matter organization is headed by grifters who actively promote violence]. This right wing movement believes that politics is downstream from culture because culture often needs to shift for political opportunities to open up. The media hype around Raichik’s transphobic and homophobic tweets incite hate and harassment, but also open new avenues for regulation as she demonizes the existence of trans life as a matter of public concern.”

Raichik did not respond to VICE News’ request for comment, but an excuse she and her supporters have commonly used to defend her attacks on vulnerable people is that she’s simply reporting content that’s already publicly available.

In reality, the content in Raichik’s posts is frequently taken out of context and accompanied by misleading comments, and the individuals who are featured in her posts are ill-equipped to deal with the resulting firehose of abuse from Raichik’s huge following.

Well, maybe the teachers bragging about undermining parents and talking to young kids about sex and sexuality shouldn’t be doing that stuff in the first place, huh?

Our well of sympathy for these idiots was already dry. Now it’s straight-up turned to dust and been blown away.

You jelly, David?

We’ll give the last word to Raichik herself, who says what we’re all thinking:

So, so sorry.


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