The idea of Planned Parenthood celebrating Women’s History Month has always been extremely offensive, but at least when they did it, they were putting the spotlight on, you know, women.

Jocelyn Elders? Woman.

Byllye Avery? Woman.

All those famous women? Women.

But things have changed now, and believe it or not, they’ve changed for the worse. And when you’re talking about Planned Parenthood, that’s really saying something.

Welcome to Women’s History Month 2023:

Remember when Planned Parenthood hated when men got involved in the abortion debate because they don’t have uteruses and can’t get pregnant and therefore have no business being involved? We’ve come a long way, baby. Now, biological males aren’t just invited to participate in the conversation, but they’re being celebrated for it.

What a time to be alive. What a stupid, stupid, stupid time to be alive.

Silver lining in Planned Parenthood’s pandering?

We have to take the small victories wherever we can get them.



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