Earlier this week, we told you about Joe Biden’s new executive order mandating that the federal government ensure that their AI technology is woke and up to speed on DEI standards. On its face, this sounds like an insanely horrible idea. Not to mention a straight-up stupid one.

But maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. Maybe we should give it a chance. No, really! Hear us out. Or, rather, hear out Wade Miller, Executive Director of Citizens for Renewing America. In his Twitter bio, Miller emphasizes that he has an especially big problem with wokeism and Critical Race Theory. Understandable, given the nature of wokeism and Critical Race Theory. Anyway, Miller decided to do a more in-depth exploration of the concept of wokeism — with a little help from ChatGPT. And what he found was, well, see for yourselves:

Guys, this is fantastic. We promise.

Please to enjoy:

At this point, the steam is coming out of ChatGPT’s proverbial ears and its face is starting to melt.

This may not be the greatest thing ever, but it kind of is. You know what we mean.

Ooo, yes!

If ChatGPT can melt down, surely that can happen to whatever AI the federal government uses. Because government AI should work just as well as everything else the government touches.


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