As a general rule, it’s a good idea to leave the parenting to the parents. Odds are that a stranger online won’t know someone’s kid as well as the kid’s parent and should mind their own business. That’s certainly the thought behind legislation that seeks to prevent the public school system from usurping the rights of parents.

But sometimes, what looks like bad parenting is, in fact, bad parenting.

And this, friends, is, without a doubt, unequivocally bad parenting:

The hell, indeed.

And the cherry on top:

No one should be clapping for something like this. Not kids. Not parents. Not a single person on the face of the earth. Do any of these people actually stop and think about what they’re defending and endorsing?

They certainly didn’t come up with it organically. Ten-year-old kids don’t organically think of themselves as sexual beings, and if your ten-year-old kid is talking about his or her sexuality using terms like “pansexual” then you sure as hell shouldn’t be bragging about it.

We’re no child psychologists and it’s clear as day to us.

Unless the other people sitting there are so disturbed that they literally can’t speak, it doesn’t sound like anyone is all that concerned.

Sounds like that woman’s daughter really needs someone in her life who can ask questions on her behalf. Her mom isn’t asking the right questions, or any questions at all.

Shame on that woman, and shame on the library for enabling and promoting the sexualization of minors. Any parent worth a damn sitting in that audience should’ve marched out right then and there and gone straight to the authorities.

Amen to that.


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