You may have already repressed the memory — and we definitely wouldn’t blame you for trying — but we need to talk about The Kiss. You know the one. The one where First Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff locked lips before the State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

This one:

Before you pick up your torches and pitchforks and come for our heads, please understand that we didn’t just post that photo for no reason. It’s actually really important that you see it in all its disturbing and nauseating glory in order to fully appreciate Vice President Kamala Harris’ response to a request for her comment on it:

More from HuffPost:

Seemingly caught off guard, Harris laughed.

“I haven’t seen the video,” Harris appears to say over the Spanish translation. “I know that the first lady and the second gentleman are working arduously with what we are doing with my husband against antisemitism.”

Harris continued to praise the work of Emhoff, who is Jewish, to fight hate, noting his recent visit to Auschwitz in Poland and emphasizing that the issue is close to the hearts of both Emhoff and Jill Biden.

The video of Harris’ response is even weirder:

Journalist: What was up with your husband kissing Jill Biden on the mouth?

Kamala Harris: Antisemitism is bad.

That’s not verbatim, of course, but it might as well be.

Believe it or not, people are actually angry about HuffPost mentioning the exchange at all:

Was it a stupid question? Would it have been a stupid question if this were a Republican administration? Melania Trump got caught scowling on camera and it inspired tons of memes and breathless speculation. The First Lady kisses the vice president’s wife and we’re not allowed to have a little fun with it?

Asking her about her husband kissing her boss’ wife on the lips is racist, apparently. Good to know.

John Harwood feels violated on Harris’ behalf! He’s such a devoted white knight, isn’t he?

Plenty has been written about George Santos, actually. And understandably so. But this Kamala Harris story is a nice change of pace. It’s important to have a little variety in our political diet.

OK, that’s totally fair. The press can be and almost always is stupid as hell.

That said, we’re not the press, and if we think Kamala Harris’ response is awkward and baffling, we can talk about it, dammit!

Did something get lost in translation? Or is this just Kamala Harris being Kamala Harris?



Vice President Kamala Harris almost makes it through a speech without cackling


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