Damn, it feels good to be a grifter! Apparently it pays quite handsomely, as well.

At least that’s been the case for the folks at The Lincoln Project, who apparently had a prettay, prettay, prettay good year last year:

Get a load of those “other disbursements” in the Expenditure Summary. What sorts of other disbursements are we talking about, exactly?

$11.8 million. That’s a whole lotta pineapples.

Dang. Break me off a piece of that, you know what I mean? I don’t know about you guys, but I could sure use the extra cash. Of course I’d also have to be willing to steal it from people and lie all the time, and I draw the line at theft and willful dishonesty. It’s just how I was raised. But clearly The Lincoln Project doesn’t get hung up on stuff like that. Moral bankruptcy is probably very liberating, not to mention lucrative.

Well, you know what they say: there’s no such thing as a free lunch podcast.

Oh, we’ve definitely learned a lot from them. But even moreso, we’ve learned a lot about them, too. It’s been a very educational few years, hasn’t it?

Ooo … good question! Probably not as much as they paid themselves, but hopefully the fake neo-Nazis at least got a few bucks for their troubles.

It’s really a pretty sweet little scam they’ve got going over there.

Anyone who’s still sending these guys money at this point kinda deserves to get fleeced. Because clearly if you’re one of those people, you really have no business having money in the first place. You don’t know how to use it.



Lincoln Project knocks themselves out with swipe at DJT Jr. over Trump’s tax returns


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