Over the weekend, Alyssa Milano revealed that she had given back her Tesla in a symbolic protest against Elon Musk turning Twitter into a hotbed of hatred and white supremacy. Unfortunately, Milano replaced her Tesla with a Volkswagen, which … was launched by the Nazi Party, which, last time we checked, was a hotbed of hatred and white supremacy.

So, basically, Alyssa Milano’s gesture was a futile and stupid one. As it turned out, it was also just plain silly, particularly in light of how she once regarded Elon Musk:

Well, for what it’s worth, Alyssa has fully renounced that nut:

What a stunning and brave move on her part. And we’ve come to expect nothing less than stunning bravery from Alyssa Milano, who is nothing if not a crusader for justice … and against “copywrite infringement,” apparently.

Screenshotted for posterity:

That’s quite a tweet you’ve got there, Alyssa.

Hold your laughter. She eventually realized how ridiculous she sounded and made an important correction to her tweet:

Bless her heart. She was, in fact, getting mocked for her misspelling, but even more than that, she was the object of derision for her fundamental misunderstanding of copyright law and fair use and free speech in general. You actually don’t even need to be a legal scholar to know that she has no clue what she’s talking about.

Of course, if you want to tell Alyssa that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, you’ll have to stick to quote-retweeting her, because she’s limited replies to her tweet.

One of these days she’ll get something right.

OK, she won’t. But we’re feeling generous at the moment.

Alyssa Milano thinks she’s special. And she’s right. Unfortunately for her, she’s not the good kind of special.

Freedom of speech is for everyone. Even the people who contribute nothing of value to the discourse, people like Alyssa Milano.

Leaving Twitter might actually be the best thing for her. It might be her best shot at avoiding being a future victim of “copywrite infringement.”



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