A lot of Democrats are very, very angry with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis today, thanks to his decision to fly migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. And, given that Martha’s Vineyard is in Massachusetts, it’s only natural that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be extra very, very mad.

And she is. She’s positively fuming!

She’s fuming because DeSantis — and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — are “exploiting vulnerable people for political stunts, [which] is repulsive and cruel”:

First of all, Elizabeth Warren would never, ever exploit vulnerable people. That sort of thing is beneath her.

Or not:

Repulsive and cruel exploiter of vulnerable people, heal thyself.

It’s repulsive and cruel to give Elizabeth Warren what she claims she wants. Almost as if she never actually wanted it in the first place. Of course, she’s willing to make exceptions sometimes:

Oh, well, yeah. Of course.

The most amazing part of all of this is that Democrats like Elizabeth Warren don’t think we see right through them. I may not be a political genius, but I know intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy when I see them, and Elizabeth Warren is absolutely dripping with both.

Of course she didn’t.

Either Elizabeth Warren et al. want the tired, huddled masses, or they don’t. They can’t just want them for someone else. You may agree with what DeSantis and Abbott are doing, and you may not. But at least they’ve stayed intellectually consistent on this. They’ve opposed open borders and maintained that border states can’t handle the daily influx of thousands of migrants, and Democrats and liberals have sneered at their concerns. Now, that DeSantis and Abbott are holding people like Elizabeth Warren accountable for their words, Dems have no right to cry foul and expect our sympathy.


Well, now’s Liz’s chance to make up for it:


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