Tim Ryan is hoping to be the next Democratic U.S. Senator from Ohio. And while he hasn’t won his race against J.D. Vance yet, he already knows what’s going to be at the top of his priorities list:

“We’ve gotta kill and confront that movement.” And what, pray tell, do you mean by that, Tim?

Ryan ostensibly makes a distinction between “Republicans” and “extremists,” but given the Democrats’ — and the White House’s — propensity for intentionally conflating mainstream Republicans and conservatives with the extremist right-wing lunatic fringe, we really have no reason to believe that Ryan is actually distinguishing the two groups. And even if he is, isn’t saying that the “extremist Republican” movement needs to be killed pretty extremist in its own right?

Sure does.

Oh, without a doubt. But a Republican didn’t say it. Gotta love that (D).

Maybe J.D. Vance isn’t your first choice to add to the U.S. Senate roster. That’s fair. He’s got plenty of issues.

But at least he’s not calling for the murder of left-wing extremists.


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