We’re reasonably generous around here. And we’d very much like to feel bad for Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman for being the target of mockery and derision over his health issues. But dammit if Fetterman isn’t making it all but impossible.

His opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, is admittedly kind of a major doofus, and his campaign strategy thus far hasn’t been great. And now, Oz has taken to shining a spotlight on Fetterman’s health as well as Fetterman’s refusal to participate in a debate.

Honestly, it’s kinda hard to blame Dr. Oz for going there.

Is it the best look for Oz? No. But it’s understandable given what he’s up against. Fetterman’s been more than happy to basically campaign via trolling Oz and dodging Oz’s invites to debate. A lot of people are speculating that the latter is due to issues he continues to have as a result of his stroke. And, well, if that’s the case, then it makes sense for Oz to keep talking about Fetterman’s stroke.

If Fetterman wants to prove Oz wrong once and for all, he can agree to a debate. It’s a simple gesture that should be simple for someone who is mentally and physically equipped to handle the demands of a debate.

Plenty of people did it with Donald Trump, and Trump didn’t even have a stroke. Why was Donald Trump’s physical and mental capability fair game, but John Fetterman’s is not? Especially after suffering, you know, an actual stroke.


Is John Fetterman a victim or isn’t he? Because if he is, he’s got no business running for U.S. Senate. What he’d face as a Democratic senator is a lot more physically and mentally taxing than anything Dr. Oz would throw at him in a debate.

It’s irritating as hell.

Fetterman seems to have the edge in the race so far, despite his being a crybully. If he wins, he’d better stop trying to hide behind his victim shield, or he’s gonna get absolutely destroyed in the Senate.



Politico’s reporting on conservative media’s coverage of John Fetterman’s troubling health issues says a lot about liberal media’s priorities


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