Joe Biden is all set to screw over millions of hardworking, taxpaying Americans by taking their money and giving it to a segment of the population that is overwhelmingly wealthy and white. And he’s pretty darn excited about it!

Here are some of those purported “more details” ahead of the big announcement:

Isn’t that special?

As you guys understand it, what does all of this sound like to you? A handout, mayhaps? That’s what it sounds like to Fox News. And for some reason, that’s very interesting to Sun Sentinel journalist Scott Travis:

Well, in this particular case, we’re grateful to Fox News for being willing to use words you don’t see in other media headlines. If not for Fox News, none of the major news networks would be talking to their viewers about this. Case in point:

Hmmm, indeed. Maybe Scott should post screenshots of headlines from MSNBC and CNN and the rest just so we can see how very different theirs are from Fox News’.

Fox News is the only outlet willing to be honest about what’s going on here.

Maybe the other networks should try it sometime.

OK, that’d work, too.


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