You didn’t miss the news, but I’m gonna go ahead and remind you anyway because it’s just so fantastically delicious. CNN has finally pulled the plug on “Reliable Sources” and, by extension, Brian Stelter.

To be sure, I’m not suggesting that it’s nice to take joy in Brian Stelter losing his job, because it’s not nice. But it is understandable. After all, Brian is ostensibly a serious journalist, but he sucks at serious journalism. He regularly lies to and gaslights his viewer, he clutches his pearls every time Tucker Carlson sneezes while taking no accountability for drooling over the likes of Michael Avenatti, he obsesses over Fox News while ignoring the MSM’s extensive record of journalistic malpractice, and he never misses an opportunity for self-aggrandizement. I may not have been at the meeting in which Chris Licht decided to can Brian Stelter, but I do know that there’s no shortage of reasons as to why Brian should’ve been fired.

Anyway, to his credit, Brian’s taking it like a real champ:

And for what it’s worth, the Washington Post’s Max Boot, who at one time was considered a reasonable and thoughtful conservative writer, is proud of Stelter and is really going to miss his stunning bravery, which is something we need now more than ever:

“In particular calling out Fox and its lies.” Hard to imagine any material for “Reliable Sources” without Fox News.

Hard to imagine a time when there was any reason to take Max Boot seriously as a serious person.

Maximum Boot achievement unlocked.

Just hook it to our veins.

“Intellectual retirement.” What a perfect way to describe Max Boot’s personal and career trajectory.



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