Let’s get one thing straight right now: we don’t like Andrew Cuomo. We’d actually go so far as to say we actively loathe him. He’s a corrupt, morally reprehensible scumbag with an extensive body count. He’s just not a good guy.

And that makes it all the weirder when he says something we actually agree with. But lo and behold, hell hath frozen over.

Here’s what Cuomo had to say this morning regarding the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home yesterday:

No, you’re not drunk. Well, maybe you are, but regardless of whether you are or not, Andrew Cuomo really tweeted that. It feels so strange to agree with Andrew Cuomo about anything, let alone Donald Trump.

Ha! But also, good point.

Cuomo is indeed correct that without any compelling, legitimate-sounding explanation from the Justice Department about why the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home and why they chose this time to do it, a lot of people’s already-shaky confidence in the FBI and DOJ is going to be shaken even more violently. And yes, that will indeed extend to things like the January 6 investigation.

It’s worth noting that after his initial tweet had been up for a while, he may have noticed a lot of pushback from Democrats accusing him of defending Donald Trump. That would explain why he sent out this follow-up tweet:

“Don’t worry, I still hate Trump! Please don’t hate me!”

Anyway, after all that, it’s also entirely understandable if you’re trying to read more deeply into Cuomo’s motives for calling out the DOJ over the raid. It’s possible, of course, that Cuomo is genuinely disgusted by the DOJ’s actions.

But it’s also possible that he’s just concerned about what the raid could eventually mean for someone like him.

We don’t really trust Andrew Cuomo any farther than we can throw him. Which is not very far.

We’ll give him credit for calling out the DOJ because the DOJ definitely deserves it, but for now, it’s probably best to credit to the Broken Clock Principle.



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