Last night, Christina Pushaw teased a “MAJOR announcement” to come this morning from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“The liberal media meltdown of the year,” eh? We were officially intrigued, as were others whose inquiring minds really, really wanted to know what the buzz was about.

Well, Gov. DeSantis just told us:

DeSantis announced that he is suspending State Attorney Andrew Warren, “effective immediately”:

Laws are laws, and if anyone should know that, it’s a state attorney. And if you refuse to enforce the law because you disagree with it, you have no business being a state attorney. Ron DeSantis is absolutely right to suspend Warren, and hopefully other state attorneys are watching and will think twice before attempting to take the law into their own hands.

Elections matter. Laws matter. And Andrew Warren’s days were numbered if he thought he could openly flout Florida’s laws without having to face any consequences.


You love to see it.

And we’d love to see it again.

Don’t stop now, Gov. DeSantis. You’re on a roll!

And let’s hope that more governors will be inspired to follow your lead.