Over the weekend, “Alex’s War,” a documentary about Alex Jones, premiered in Austin, Texas. Writer and cultural critic (and critic of Critical Race Theory) Thomas Chatterton Williams was among those who turned up for the event:

From Gawker’s Tarpley Hitt:

University of Austin professor Thomas Chatterton Williams had a busy night in Austin, Texas this past Saturday. The Harper’s letter author took a break from teaching these boys about Black male autobiography to snap some Instagram Stories from the premiere of Alex’s War, a documentary about Alex Jones’s years-long crusade to find out why Richard Linklater stopped casting him in movies.

Actually, the movie combines archival footage and interviews with the Infowars host and Sandy Hook truther into, per the description, “a searching and human character study of one of America’s most infamous, charismatic and divisive public figures.” The film is from Alex Lee Moyer, whom you might remember from the incel documentary TFW No GF. This latest picture doesn’t come out until Friday, so we’ll have to reserve judgment on its cinematic merits. But it seems to have found an audience among some of America’s best and brightest, including Glenn GreenwaldHotep JesusIce Poseidon, and Mike Cernovich, all of whom evidently enjoyed a nice night out at the movies.

Chatterton Williams has had some trouble with friends in the past, so it’s great that he has found a community of like-minded companions. To borrow the words of Alex’s War fan Ariel Pink, the chillwave pioneer who was just “peacefully showing support for [his] president” on Jan. 6, we are “so f*cking proud.”

Tarpley Hitt? More like Tarpley Hitt Job.

Because, you see, Thomas Chatterton Williams was, in fact, not at the premiere at all. And yet, he was the main target of Hitt’s piece. Weird, right? So unlike Gawker to get it so wrong about someone they dislike for purely ideological reasons!

Needless to say, Williams is pretty pissed off:

For eff’s sake, Gawker.

Seems like he might actually have a case. Guess Gawker figured that out and decided to try to cut him off at the pass by adding a brief “update” at the top of the post:

Rather than taking down the piece and posting an apology, they left it up and tacked on that pathetic little update. Without Thomas Chatterton Williams having been there, the whole point of the piece falls apart. The original headline was “Thomas Chatterton Williams Pals With Fellow Losers at Alex Jones Premiere.”

Williams may still want to look into taking legal action against Gawker, because it’s abundantly clear that they’ve got it in for him.

We’ve been around for a long time, but even we can’t remember a time when Gawker was “great” — or even halfway decent.