Grabien founder Tom Elliott is a biased journalist. Don’t take our word for it; take his:

But despite his bias, he manages to post content at Grabien that can be viewed objectively by people of any political persuasion. At least in theory. Twitter has evidently decided that the public can’t be trusted with coverage that isn’t presented through a liberal filter. Elliott tweeted earlier today that Twitter has suspended Grabien for posting “misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19”:

Let’s take a look at what Grabien tweeted that was so “potentially harmful,” shall we?

So … it was a description of a segment of Tucker Carlson’s show in which Carlson was talking about how the COVID vaccine could affect your immune system and a link to the video. That’s literally all it was. Elliott and Grabien weren’t endorsing Carlson’s comments, but merely making them available to the public who might not have seen the segment.

Elliott is right: Twitter is punishing for Grabien for reporting on what Tucker Carlson said. Would they suspend Brian Stelter for doing that, too? Brian’s always talking about what people on Fox News are saying, after all. Or is it only a problem when the outlet sharing the clip covers it straightforwardly as opposed to dragging Fox News?


Posting video of someone speaking in their own words is the opposite of misinformation. Elliott left it up to news consumers to listen and draw their own conclusions. That’s how journalism is supposed to work, Twitter.



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