As we told you earlier, taxpayer-funded NPR’s initial tweet about former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination was so offensively bad, they deleted it. Naturally, the replaced it with another offensively bad tweet. Maybe the third time will be the charm? Who knows? But NPR is somewhat fortunate in that at least tweets can be deleted. But words that you say … well, once they’re out there, they’re out there.

And CBS Mornings, you can’t delete this garbage:


“A polarizing figure, he was a right-wing nationalist and conservative, and a fierce supporter of Japan’s military. He fought to amend the country’s pacifist constitution in the face of the rising threat from China. While in office, Abe met former President Donald Trump several times to reaffirm Japan’s military and trade alliances with the United States. His political opinions were controversial, but the country is united in shock and sympathy at the news of his death.”

Like President Joe Biden himself, CBS Mornings is evidently incapable of turning the politics off for even a moment.

Normal … yes. Acceptable? Excusable? Decent? No, no, and no.

Not only do the media not have the American people’s respect, but they don’t deserve the American people’s respect.