A man armed with a gun and knife — among other things — recently attempted to murder conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have responded by re-upping their call for heightened safety measures to protect all Supreme Court Justices (it’s also worth noting that Democratic Sen. Jon Ossoff called for that as well).

But where are the most powerful Democrats on this? Like, where’s Nancy Pelosi, for example?

She’s right here, doing her best impression of a flaming dumpster:


“The Justices are protected so shut up and quit your whining!”

To put it very, very mildly.

It not only comes off as extremely callous and dismissive, but it literally makes no sense. Pelosi is contending that the Supreme Court Justices are already well protected, but she’s working on legislation to protect the Supreme Court Justices?

Hey, Nancy, what, would you say, you do here? Other than rot right in front of us?

She’s not just a liar; she’s a monster. A morally bankrupt pile of flesh and bones who belongs nowhere near the levers of power.