Kurt Bardella may have left the hallowed halls of the Lincoln Project for the bright lights of the DCCC and the DNC, but in his heart, he will always carry a little piece of the Lincoln Project with him. Namely the chronically intellectually dishonest piece.

Bardella recently wrote an op-ed piece for the L.A. Times regarding Fox News’ decision not to air the circus spectacle that is the January 6 committee hearings. Instead, Fox is going to stick with the regular lineup of right-wing propagandists. And they dare call themselves a news outlet!

Bardella, for one, is sick and tired of MSM outlets continuing to regard Fox News as anything other than “a propaganda vehicle for the GOP.” Fox News needs to be covered by rival outlets accordingly, and so, for that matter, does the entire GOP:

Of course Kurt discussed it on “The ReidOut.” If anyone needs to be told to be tougher on Fox News and Republicans, it’s Joy Reid.

Is there no end to Kurt Bardella’s stunning bravery?

A Democratic shill and faux-principled hack living in an echo chamber? Say it ain’t so.

But you go off, Kurt.



Former Lincoln Project senior adviser Kurt Bardella tells Joy Reid that al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and the Taliban ‘got nothing’ on today’s GOP