Intercept investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein is an out-of-touch lefty journalist who has a knack for annoying people and getting on their nerves.

But game recognizes game, and, to his credit, Klippenstein recognizes that the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman has got him beat when it comes to being absolutely insufferable.


What did we just read? Maybe the equivalent of a cold bowl of instant ramen, where the noodles have soaked up all the broth and are just basically a pile of gummy mush? Or a chocolate-tuna-salad milkshake?

Hey, we try!

Well, in a way, you are paying for it. We’re all paying for it. It’s like verbal food poisoning.

The inane dipsh*t gets better:

Thomas Friedman is definitely full of something.

With each passing day, it gets more and more difficult to argue with that assessment.



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