BBC journalist Pádraig Belton is stateside at the moment, and earlier today, he apparently found himself — like countless Americans — at a Walmart.

All he wanted was a plug adapter for his UK laptop. Instead, he found rifles and ammo, just sitting there on the shelves, out there for everyone to see and anyone to purchase:

Screenshotted for posterity, because this is scary stuff:

Sometimes you don’t realize what’s wrong with your country until someone comes here from a different country and shines a blinding spotlight on it.

The truth hurts.

Almost as much as getting shot with a BB gun, which is what Pádraig Belton has captured in his photo.

Oh man. For Pádraig’s sake, we hope he hasn’t already put together a segment on this for BBC. Because that would be really embarrassing.

Or Ryan J. Reilly and the “rubber bullets.”

Damn straight, we do!

It’s gotta be one of the main reasons, if we’re being honest.

Fair enough. But all the same:

Better safe than sorry.

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