You know, it’s sad enough that Jen Psaki will be taking her talents from the White House to the hallowed halls of MSNBC. But to see her have to choke back tears … well, it’s just too much.

Really, though. This is just too much:

“This is an issue that makes me completely crazy.” Well, Jen, you’re right about that. And it’s something you have in common with a ton of lefties who care more about narratives than they do the truth, and definitely more than they care about what’s best for kids and parents.

You’re both pains. How ’bout that?

No facts. Just feelz.

Normal for the Democratic Party these days, unfortunately.

“Sick” works. We will also accept “deranged,” “despicable,” and “disgusting.”

Brace for lots more before all is said and done.

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