When Nick Kristof left the New York Times to run for governor of Oregon, he may have left behind a long and distinguished career as an award-winning, overrated columnist, but he lovingly took his unique brand of smug, out-of-touch elitism with him.

In a recent piece for New York Magazine’s Intelligencer, Olivia Nuzzi writes about her visit with Kristof at his Oregon estate. And it seems that Kristof has gotten very big into wine since returning to his beloved home state. So into wine, in fact, that he may very well have been drunk when this happened:

Big “Man of the People” energy, right? Lawd.


For real, though. We almost feel secondhand embarrassment because Nick Kristof’s take is so painfully cringe.

Sorry …  we can’t tell you that.

Holy crap, it really does! We can totally hear that in her voice when we read it!

Oregonians really dodged a bullet, didn’t they?

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