Yesterday, for a Young America’s Foundation event, Ben Shapiro spoke to students at University of North Carolina Greensboro. Apparently Shapiro’s name is still quite a draw on college campuses!

Conservatives — and the occasional openminded liberal — were thrilled to welcome Shapiro to campus. But, naturally, some students’ brains just aren’t equipped to listen to someone whose opinions might diverge from their own.

Moments like that and events like these are to be expected. And for the most part, they’re just boring. Tiresome. Same old song and dance.

But something happened last night that made this moment extra special for Shapiro and attendees:

Can we see that again?

If we’d been in Ben Shapiro’s shoes, we’d’ve had to excuse ourselves due to suffering from uncontrollable fits of laughter. We are actually legit impressed that Shapiro managed to keep it together.

We could watch that clip all day, man. Maybe we will.

It’s something else, all right. Something spectacular.

That poor idiot brought a butter knife to an intellectual gunfight.

Well, all we can do is hope that America will end up in the hands of the sane people in that room.

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