Last night, SiriusXM host and comedian (or so we’re told) had a very special guest on his show. That’s right, folks, Mr. Principled Conservative™ himself, Rick Wilson!

Speaking of brutally honest, Stephen L. Miller — the one and only @redsteeze — had a pretty brutally honest response to Dean Obeidallah’s news. And all it took was three perfect screenshots.


Miller, you magnificent bastard … you’ve done it again.

If a screenshot’s worth a thousand words, then three are worth, like, a squillion.

We don’t want to change your mind, because that actually seems pretty accurate.

Poor Rick Wilson. Reduced to brainstorming with progressive satellite radio hosts just to stay relevant. But kudos to the guy for continuing to put himself out there.

If we were in his position, we’d have locked ourselves in a Confederate cooler and thrown ourselves overboard.