University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas is on a hell of a roll. She’s just smashing records all over the place!

Check out her most recent stunning achievement:

Wow, Lia! Congratulations!

And great effort, Catherine. If you keep practicing, maybe someday you’ll be as fast as Lia Thomas. You’ll just need some more endurance and testosterone and muscle distribution. It’s easy if you try!

How nice for Lia. It’s good that she’s finally right where she belongs:

An inspiration to young women everywhere.

Joking aside, it really is baffling that “women’s sports” is even a notion that still exists. So far, men’s sports seem to be safe, but biologically female athletes are becoming even more vulnerable to getting screwed (no pun intended) by men who’d rather win by cheating than lose by playing fair.

As far as we’re concerned, the winner of that race was Catherine Buroker.

Congratulations to Catherine. Truly.

Catherine Buroker and all female athletes deserve so much better.

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