Washington Post congressional reporter Marianna Sotomayor, along with WaPo White House reporter Cleve R. Wootson Jr., recently took a closer look at the relationship between Joe Biden and Democratic Rep. James Clyburn:

OK, Marianna. Just one quick question, if we may:

Sorry … come again, Jerry? Surely Marianna and Cleve would never say something like that. Not about Clarence Thomas. Not about anyone.

Oh, wait. Yes they would:

Quite a collection of words there, huh?


No, really. “Wow” is a good word to use because it so nicely encapsulates the feeling you get when your jaw is on the floor.

A racist statement that would be awful enough to read in an opinion piece. But in an ostensible straight-news article, it manages to be even more disgusting.

Democracy Dies in Darkness, but the Washington Post Revels in Racism.

No, Sotomayor and Wootson knew what exactly they were saying. WaPo knew exactly what they were saying.



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