Libs of Tik Tok has proven absolutely indispensable when it comes to shining a light on liberal toxicity.

And there’s a lot of liberal toxicity out there. Including, sadly, in education. It’s not unfair to assume that teachers like this are a dime a dozen:

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that all teachers are as brazenly defiant of and unconcerned with parents’ wishes. There are plenty of teachers out there who have genuine respect for parents and students (and for whom such respect is reciprocated) and aren’t constantly seeking out ways to undermine parents. But we’ve seen enough to know that Ms. Get Bent is far from alone in her attitudes and approach to education.

And that’s genuinely problematic.


Maybe she can post those on TikTok.

We wouldn’t want her teaching our kids, that’s for damn sure. And she likely knows that, because she seems to have taken steps to shield herself from criticism:

This account appears to be connected with her and is still active, but private:

We’re not looking to get anyone fired or canceled here, but at the very least, the parents of her students deserve to know how she feels about them.

Will Twitter let Libs of Tik Tok continue to raise awareness about educational malpractice, or will they give them the Defiant L’s treatment?

We sincerely hope not.

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