Libs of Tik Tok is doing the Lord’s work. Truly.

We knew that the Left was chock-full of nutjobs, but we’d never be able to keep up with all of them if not for Libs of Tik Tok.

Take a look at this footage purportedly showing high school students taking matters into their own hands and “reshelving the colonizer literature” in their library:

Apparently this video was originally posted on Twitter by tweeter @JackoffJosh711 last September (the Tik Tok account associated with the video no longer exists):

The video, despite being at least several months old, is still relevant and valuable right now, as the war on Critical Race Theory in schools is ongoing and necessary.


And no, you weren’t seeing things. One of the examples of “colonizer literature” is a book by Christina Hoff Summers, a feminist who has magically figured out a way to support women without tearing down men.

Summers’ “The War Against Boys” is excellent, by the way. We recommend it.

We also recommend having a conversation with your kids about why what the students in that video are doing is so stupid and toxic.

Wokeness is horrifying. Unfortunately, in many schools, wokeness is being incorporated into the curriculum.

This is why parents need to fight for their kids.



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