Yesterday’s Super Bowl was effectively a showcase for celebrities who are too important and special to wear masks.

Once again, Magic Johnson was among the superstars who didn’t feel a need to mask up when in close proximity with other people, and so was his former photo partner Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, the city where kids are required to mask up all day in school.

If you’re confused as to how Mayor Garcetti and other Democratic politicians like him are able to reconcile their demands that others wear masks with their refusal to wear masks themselves, your confusion is understandable. But it’s actually not confusing at all if you follow Ben Shapiro’s logic and keep in mind that “science” just means something very different to Democrats than it does to the rest of us:

When you’re a Democrat, everything you do is Following the Science. Even when your actions directly contradict your words.

(D)amn it feels good to be a Democrat.

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