Democratic Wisconsin State Rep. Lee Snodgrass tweeted out a message today for her constituents — and any parents, really — who are concerned about their children’s public school educations:

Hey, wait a minute … what happened to the tweet? Where’d it go? It sounds like it really pissed people off:

Dang. It must’ve been bad! Don’t suppose anyone happened to grab it, did they?

Oh, looks like a few people did:

There are actually quite a lot of people who grabbed Snodgrass’ tweet before she tried to memory-hole it. Guess something told them that she might try to flush it.


Lee Snodgrass didn’t just drop her tweet; she dropped her mask. Sent it plummeting to the floor where it crashed into a million pieces.

And some messes are just too messy to clean up, no matter how hard you try:

Sure, Jan.

She’s downright terrible at this. Just absolutely horrendously awful.

Clear as day:

Solid B+ for effort, though, Lee.

Lee will no doubt be very, very popular with public school parents at her next town hall!

Whoever runs against her should do exactly that.

Let’s hope so. We’re definitely here for it.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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